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Distilled by Romanian Flavors
XO Restaurant Oradea since 2022.

XO Restaurant Oradea

From the feeling of anticipation you have when you arrive to the feeling of satisfaction when you leave, XO is a full circle experience. You will discover extraordinary dishes like nowhere else in the city.

The XO project

Born at the beginning of 2022, XO offers our perspective on traditional Romanian cuisine through a modern tasting menu. Rooted in a love of classic flavors and ingredient based cooking, our inventive dishes of beef, fish and rabbit are paired with a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

Through our detailed, seasonal and sustainable approach we aim to bring a distinctive note to our recipes. We are committed to quality by using the best products we can supply, handled in the most careful way, to create an authentic flavor.

We combine tradition with contemporary influences to create a unique atmosphere.
XO Resturant Oradea
Our delicious dishes are complemented by a selection of refined wines.
The XO dining experience is accompanied by a carefully curated wine list and
delicious cocktails.
Chef Secară Paul Ionuț

XO Restaurant Oradea
Located on the ground floor of the Panorama building, on the banks of the Crișul Repede river, XO is immersed in natural light and refined colors. Our elegant setting is inspired by contemporary art. We created an extremely welcoming space with rich, timeless details - where aesthetics and practicality are combined to connect you with your surroundings.

Our dishes

We believe in culinary creativity and we strive to enrich the XO experience by innovating traditional recipes.

In the kitchen

Chef Secară Paul Ionuț
over 12 years experience in the hospitality industry, awarded at IKA Culinary Olympics

Inspired by Romanian recipes, our dishes are meant to stimulate the imagination. By using all of our senses to train and recognize the beauty of flavors in the XO kitchen, we are able to explore, create and transmit the fundamentals of our culinary approach.

Chef Secară Paul Ionuț